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Warehouse Pallet Racking

Selective-style pallet racking for warehouses and storage facilities

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  • Super strong steel beams
  • All major components powder coated for added protection
  • Range of pallet racking beam sizes for flexibility
  • Pallet racking rated to AS 4084-1993 and AS/NZS 4600-1996 standards
  • Suitable for loads up to 2300kg per level (100mm box beams)
  • Super strong mesh decks or timber shelves available 
  • Standard width options: 1372mm, 1829mm, 2743mm
  • Standard depth: 838mm, 900mm
  • Standard upright height options: 2438mm, 3048mm, 3658mm, 4267mm, 4877mm, 6096mm

Selective Pallet Racking is the most commonly used pallet racking system as it provides direct access to every pallet. It requires the lowest investment of all pallet racking configurations yet it is most adaptable and flexible system for general usage. This type of racking is easily adjusted to allow for differing pallet heights and can also be extended in height to maximise space utilisation if required. The pallet racking beams are rated at 2300kg per level (for 100mm box beams), so perfect for most pallet sizes and weights.

The flexibility of the NZ Rack Selective Pallet Racking system means that it can be installed at an aisle width that best suits your warehouse parameters, type of forklift and storage requirements. With Selective Pallet Racking the operator can access 100% of their available pallets at any time. Beams are clipped into place, so installation is simple and configuration changes can easily be made.